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Which online casino allows US players

The major question USA players are facing these days is which online casino allows U.S. players to open an account and play the casino games. Thanks to various legal hurdles and the unwillingness for some credit card companies to process gambling transactions, players in the United States are left with limited choices for gambling as may of the online casinos decide that is simply not cost effective to do business in the USA. For example, the payment processors for the casinos are charging higher fees for the transactions and the gambling websites are left with the choices of either passing those "savings" to the player, which is a guarantee for loosing customers, or swallow the high cost of those processors, but run the risk of going out of business if not enough customers are signed up every day to offset the higher fees.

 Fortunately, there are quite a few online casinos, popular enough thanks to their honesty and integrity, to be able to continue doing business in the United States while remaining profitable after the higher charges are assessed. So it's not impossible to find out which online casino allows US players today. Some of the prime examples of which online casino allows U.S. players can be found on our home page, as a matter of fact all online casinos listed there allow USA players to open accounts and gamble on the web. The best include:

Vegas Casino Online - with big 125% bonus for new customers, easily the best online casino that allows US players. Have fun enjoying the 100+ different games available to the customers of this great gambling website and worry none about security or if your winnings will be paid (one of the biggest problems many gamblers new to the online casinos face if the land at the wrong one).

SlotoCash online casino - a completely different software ensures you will not be bored out of your melon playing the same games at a different online casino that allows U.S. players. Take advantage of the $7 bonus, which is given absolutely free to new customers, who in turn can withdraw any winnings derived from it, after meeting the wagering requirements.

 There are a few other top choice casinos, which you can find on our home page, but the two above are the best answer to which online casino allows US players. Don't forget that online gambling is for fun and those bonus offers only extend the time you can have enjoying this hobby.