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Casino Bonus: List of good online casino bonuses

The casino bonus is the most popular feature of the online casinos and the one giving the edge to the online gambling websites over their land-based counterparts. But finding a good casino bonus is not as easy as it looks. Keep in mind that although the online casinos advertise their bonuses as a dollar amount, the actual calculation of the casino bonus is done as a percentage of your deposits. For example, if online casino offers $500 in free bonus money and another offers $1000, most people would think that the second casino offers better bonus. But what players don't know is what percentage of their deposit would be given as a bonus. If the first casino offered 100% bonus up to $500 and the second offered 50% on your first deposit as bonus up to $1,000, now it's clear that the first online casino is indeed offering a better deal.

 These are the kind of things we keep an eye here. At our bonus list you will find the ranking of the online casino bonuses when taken into account the actual percentage of the deposit you make, not the maximum bonus amount. Let's face it, not everyone has the cash to fork out for the maximum bonus available. Here is the current bonus list, arranged starting with the best bonus deal first:

1. Vegas Casino Online - the bonus is 125% on your first deposit, up to $500 in free casino bonus money.
2. Las Vegas USA Casino - 125% bonus, up to $500.
3. Sun Palace Casino - 125% bonus on your first deposit at the casino.
4. Slots Plus Casino - yet another 125% casino bonus
5. Bodog Casino - 10% on every deposit, regardless of amount. Note, we have placed this casino bonus at this spot due to the fact that you need a lot of money in order to match the max bonus amount of the other online casinos listed here.
6. Slots Plus Casino - up to $577, but divided into multiple bonuses, first one at 100% on your first deposit.

 This is the current list of casino bonuses. As we add more online casinos to our list (if ever) we will also reflect their bonus offers on this list. Keep you eyes open if you are a patron at those online casinos already and are looking for something new.