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Questions about casino wagering requirements and bonus playthrough

 Virtually every online casino is offering a free bonus, which is also one of the strong suits in the hands of the online gambling companies versus the land based casinos. But it would be quite naive to expect that the casinos simply hand you a wad of virtual cash and you can go home a richer man. In order to avoid getting scammed by bad players, the online casinos have tied up their bonus offer to something called "wagering requirements", also often referred to as "playthrough requirements".

 The wagering requirements could be vary simple or quite complicated, depending on the online casino and the specific bonus offer and unfortunately the lack of understanding from the players' part often drives a big wedge between a certain casino and its customers. We have long been advocates of simple playthough requirements, terms and condition of bonuses, etc., which would help not only the individual gambler, but the gambling industry as a whole, however not every online casino has sided with us on this matter.

 It's beneficial for the casino customer to truly understand the nature of the online casino bonus and the actual wagering requirements that come with it. Here we will explain in plain English how the majority of casino bonus wagering requirements work and what you need to know to effectively increase your casino bankroll.

 The casino bonus wagering requirements are conditions that must be met by the player before the winnings are cleared for withdrawal. Let's take an example with Vegas Casino Online, which offers 125% match-up bonus for new players. This means that if the player deposits $100, the online casino will add additional $125 to the player's account. If there were not wagering requirements, any smart person would simply withdraw the total of $225 and be an instant $125 winner, correct? To avoid this, the online casino uses playthrough conditions before the customer can withdraw the money.

 For example, the wagering requirements for this particular bonus are "30 times deposit+bonus". What this means is that a player must wager 30 times the deposit+bonus amount before they are eligible to withdraw the bonus and any other winnings that come with it. Using the previous example of $100 deposit and $125 bonus, the player must wager total of $6750 before the bonus could be withdrawn. This may seem as a big number, but keep in mind that this doesn't mean that the player must lose that amount, rather that the customer must place wagers in the total amount of $6750. For example, betting $10 on a slot machine spin counts as $10 towards the wagering requirement, regardless of the final outcome of the wager, i.e. it doesn't matter if you would lose the spin or win the $10,000 jackpot. Playing slot machines is actually the fastest way to meet wagering requirements, especially if you are lucking and get a big win.

 This is the right time to mention one more caveat of the casino bonuses, that is, some casino games do not count towards meeting the wagering requirements. Why, one may ask? Well, an experienced gambler would instantly realize that playing Roulette, for example, and betting on both black and red is a great way to meet the wagering requirements, while minimizing the risk greatly. You would lose your bet only if the outcome is double zero which happens rarely enough to easily meet the wagering requirements without losing much. Therefore, it's also very important to check the casino bonus terms and conditions for those games that do not count towards the playthrough of the bonus.