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US online casinos enjoy increasing popularity

During the past decade the online casinos in the USA went from a new way to entertain yourself to a whole new level of gambling online. Hardly anyone believed back in the days that the online casinos will gain so much popularity in the U.S. and dethrone the land-based online casinos. But the many improvements in the online gambling industry, paired with the recent economic turmoil have resulted in an enormous increase in popularity of the online casinos in the U.S.

 The online casinos went from a few blackjack games and a couple of slots to internet software offering over 100 different casino games with beautiful graphics and sounds, big bonus offerings and elite customer service (the good US casinos, at least), while the casinos in Vegas and other states remained in a stalemate. The recent economics troubles only added to the appeal of the online casinos. No one has to fill up the car with expensive gasoline, drive for hours, pay for hotel rooms just to gamble at the casino. With a click of the mouse people are entering the online casinos while getting free money just for funding their casino gambling account, something Vegas is yet to catch on to.

 With this, it's hardly a big surprise that more and more US players prefer to gamble at the online casinos, rather than going through the trouble of visiting a casino in Las Vegas. Of course, there are plenty of people who still gamble only at the land-based casinos, but the trend is clear - this is a shrinking audience.