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Safe online casino, which casinos are safe to play

 Finding a safe online casino to play these days appears to be one of the greatest challenges a gambler may face. About a decade ago the online gambling boom occurred and literally hundreds of companies rushed to take advantage of this multi-billion dollar market and just like any other "gold rush", online gambling attracted just as many rogue participants as it did honest and safe ones. One would assume that with age the industry has become much more regulated and safer, but this could be one of the biggest mistakes a player can make. It's not easy to find a safe online casino these days.

 See, a few years ago the U.S. decided to tighten the reigns of what was a wild-west type online activity, which paid no taxes and obeyed no regulations. A few high profile names, specifically from the sports betting side of online gambling, fell under the crosshairs of USA authorities and despite the fact that online casinos and betting websites are located abroad, the simple actions of the US government led to a widespread panic among the gambling companies and the majority of the big players decided to simply exit America as a market overall. They found it much easier to simply avoid dealing with U.S. players than going through the hustle of processing transactions, credit cards, payouts, etc. Unfortunately, the vast void left by those exiting online casinos was filled not only by safe casinos, but rogue ones, as well.

 As a matter of fact, the majority of the new online casinos were far from being safe for the players. So what could one do if in search for a safe online casino? Naturally not all internet casinos are bad ones, of course there are safe online casinos, as well. When do we consider an online casino to be safe to play? It's rather simple - a long history of fair and honest dealings with its customers, fast and easy deposits and payouts, as well as customer service bend on resolving problems are on the forefront of being a safe online casino. And with over a decade of experience, we had a rather easy time picking out the safe online casinos.

 In fact, all of the online casinos listed on our home page are more than safe for players to join and patronize for a very long time in the foreseeable future. It would be counterproductive for us to ever list an online casino which may not be safe, what would be the point of this? We would quickly loose the thousands of daily visitors and our advertising partners would leave us in a heartbeat. So if you are looking for a safe online casino, simply visit our website and you will find the top list of those honest establishments. Those casinos are not only safe in the sense that you will get fair odds, great games and easy transaction processing, but also your information will not be sold to third parties, left exposed for bad elements to gain access to or not get your money when you win playing the casino games. All things considered as a given by most players, but in reality - hard to come by in this industry.