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Play online casino for real money, gamble online with real money

 People new to online gambling often ask the question if they can play online casino for real money. Others wonder if playing the casinos with real money could actually lead to winning real money. Yes, some people are this skeptical about the internet.

 Of course, almost every online casino offers a real-money version, as well as "play money" one. Gambling online with real money is not really something that new, it has been around since the creation of the internet as we know it today. Yes, one can play online casino for real money and to be perfectly honest, most players choose to skip the pretend money version of the casinos altogether.

 Why the confusion? First, every online casino is giving their potential customers the choice to simply try the casino software and see if they like the games, by offering something called "play money account". In this scenario the player is given an amount of "play money", i.e. fake money which can be used to play almost all games. Naturally the player cannot withdraw their winnings, but it's a great way to see the actual casino games in play or simply to spend an hour having fun without risking any real money. This account option is usually the first choice new customers of the online casino are given, hence the confusion whether one can play at the casino for real money or not.

 Playing at the online casino with real money has an important benefit, namely you are also playing for real money, i.e. all your winnings could be withdrawn to your bank account (or you'd be send a check, depending on your preferred payment method). But at the same time the player is also risking real money. You can look at the online casinos as the local casino, but instead of having to drive miles to the local brick and mortar casino, you gamble online. There are many other benefits, such as free bonus money, comp points, etc, all of them coming with playing for real money at the online casino.

 How to start playing fro real money at the online casino? It's very simple - just visit our home page for the current list of the best online casinos on the internet and see which one you personally like. Visit the casino, download the software, open an account and you'd be given the option to play for real money right away. Nothing that complicated about it.