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Is Bovada casino a good online casino?

  Over the past few months we have received a lot of emails from our visitors asking if Bovada casino (official casino website) is any good. It certainly could be seen as weird that so many people are asking this question about just one particular online casino, but when all the facts are presented there is not as much to read into as it could seem at first hand.

 The reason most people ask if Bovada casino is good casino, is not because there are rumors or news, but because it's a new name in the gambling industry, yet you can see their advertisements all over the internet, as well as on many forums and blogs. The Bovada casino was established just an year ago, very new by the gambling standards, but it's not a new online casino. It was the USA spin-off of the famous Bodog online casino. After Bodog received a license in the European Union (particularly in the UK), one of the conditions was that they do not take any US players. To remain loyal to their USA customer base, the new Bovada casino was created to substitute for the Bodog casino, which while still in existence, is focused on the European markets and does not accept customers from the United States.

 As you may already know, Bodog has always been one of the best online casinos to play. And as its spin-off, Bovada online casino continues in the same spirit. So, yes, Bovada casino is a good online casino and you can see for yourself by clicking here and visiting their official website.