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Credit card deposit at the online casino

 The credit cards are not only the most popular method of payment in the U.S. but also the most convenient way to deposit money at the online casinos. But thanks to though regulations and the ever-increasing fees the credit card processing companies charge the online casinos, it's became almost impossible to find an online casino which takes credit cards. But don't worry, we have the list of casinos accepting credit cards right here.

 Before we get to the online casinos allowing credit card deposits, let's look a few points related to the payment processing and the internet casinos. It was only a few years ago when everyone in the US could fund their online casino account through credit card, but oh, how have times changed. Nowadays the majority of the casinos hardly ever take credit cards and those that do could be counted on one hand. All despite the fact that credit cards are the preferred method for funding your casino account, as well as shopping in general on the Internet. But a law that went into effect a couple of years ago made it illegal for the banks to process payments to and from online gambling websites, thus more and more credit card transactions with online casinos began being declined by the banks themselves.

 Here is the current list of online casinos taking credit card deposits, as posted on their websites. The first one that comes to mind is the Bovada Casino, which unfortunately does not allow residents of Maryland, New York, Utah and Washington to join this very popular casino website. According to the forums and blogs, for now Bovada has the highest success ratio of credit card deposits going  through, for what it's worth.

 Another great online casino allowing credit card deposits at the time of writing is the Las Vegas USA casino. One of the most popular casino sites in the world, Las Vegas USA is truly the premier spot for gamblers world-wide and one of the very few places left that take credit card deposits. Keep in mind, however, that using an ewallet may be more beneficial than a credit card with the online casinos. A lot of casinos, including Las Vegas USA, are offering extra 25% bonus on top of your deposits just for using an ewallet service. Check with the specific online casino to see their bonus offer and terms.