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Microgaming online casinos for US players

 The online casinos powered by the gambling software developer Microgaming are widely considered to be among the best internet casinos and there is no surprise that many USA players are searching for Microgaming casinos to play at. See which are the best Microgaming online casinos here. The fame of the beauty of the games, especially the video slots, which Microgaming creates spreads all over the world, but unfortunately for those living in the United States they will never be able to experience those casino games. Of course, there are plenty of US players, who have found memories of the quality of the Microgaming casinos, since only a few years ago those online casinos were open to US gamblers.

 Unfortunately, with the many hurdles facing the online gambling industry, the Microgaming was the first software company to exit the USA internet gambling scene as a whole. Just a few years ago, when processing transactions to and from the online casinos was becoming harder and more costly, there were individual casinos that decided to stop allowing US players to gamble at their properties, not limited to just Microgaming casinos. But with the uncertainty surrounding the legality of internet gambling in the USA, Microgaming was the first company to exit the US market as a whole, i.e. all online casinos powered by the Microgaming software seized accepting new customers from the USA overnight. Players were naturally paid out the money owned and the existing accounts of US players were also closed for good.

 Whether Microgaming online casinos will be back in USA in the future remains uncertain. A legal framework is required, which would outline the online gambling business in the United States and until then it's nearly unquestionable that the Microgaming casinos will remain closed to US players. Thus to answer questions, such as "Which Microgaming casinos allow US players?" and "Do Microgaming casinos take USA players?" - not at the moment. Are there any Microgaming online casinos accepting US players? No, there are no such online casino and if you read somewhere that there is - they are lying to you. But don't despair, there are plenty of other online casinos which are just as good s those powered by Microgaming and still welcome US players at their websites. Simply visit our home page for the very latest.