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American online casinos: Which casino for American players?

The simple truth is that internet gambling is not only the most popular for of gambling in the U.S., but that the sports betting websites and online casinos rely mainly on the United States of America for the bulk of their clients. This said, many players are surprised to learn that there are no online casinos based in the USA. People will often search for American online casinos, only to find out that there is no such animal. How come, one may ask?

 First and foremost, the majority of the internet gambling websites in the world are based in the offshore countries and territories for a few reasons. The main being that the taxation situation in those offshore places is small to non-existent, allowing those casino and gambling sites to operate with increased profit by simply skipping on tax payments. Legality of web gambling also varies from country to country, so most internet casino simply chose to operate from a property where online gambling is legal, Antigua for example, and let the players sort their own legal situation. Cheap labor is another added benefit for running those businesses offshore. Therefore today it's impossible to find online casino based in America. Maybe in the future some of the big Las Vegas companies will join the online gambling industry, there are always rumors that they are looking into opening American online casinos, but those rumors have been circulating for many years without any result.

 So, what if you are simply looking at which online casino welcomes American players? Then there are plenty of choices, although not nearly as many as one could've found just a few years ago. Here is the current list of some of the best American online casinos. Las Vegas USA online casino comes instantly to mind when we talk about American online casinos. Created in the spirit of Sin City, this casino for American players offers one of the most enticing bonuses and promotions, including a generous $500 free bonus for new players. Based on the RTG platform of gambling software, this should be the top pick for you when looking for American online casino.

 Aladdin's Gold Casino is another reputable casino for American players. The bonus for new customers is set at 200% of the initial deposit with the gambling website and the games offer a wide variety of options and wagers. If you are in a mood for an American online casino different from the rest, give this one a try. For the fans of video slots there is Slots Plus, a casino allowing American players and focusing on providing the patron with as many variations of video slots as humanly possible. If you love the slot machines, this will be the only online casino you would ever need.

 Of course, there are many other American online casinos on the internet, but we highly recommend one should stick to only the best brands, those listed above and on our main page. There is a huge void in the US gambling business created in the past few years after a couple of major software providers left the market, effectively taking all the casinos using their software with them. This in turn forced a large number of players in America to look for a new online casino and a few bad apples popped up to capitalize on the rush of new clients. The industry is still weeding itself out, so exercise caution if you decide to take your business to casino brands not recommended by us.